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2018 Food Vendor Online Application & Contract

Welcome to the Food Vendor Application & Binding Agreement page for First Friday. Thanks for your interest in applying. Each application is good for the months chosen below for the festival. All vendors can apply for multiple First Fridays as soon as applications are online. Please make sure to read ALL the below information.

Thanks from First Friday

Available Applications for First Friday Festival
Individual month applications are now available for the months of June – November 2018. Please make sure that when submitting your application, you select all months you wish to attend. Upon filling out your application and submitting, you will receive an email confirmation once received. Please note that you should always receive this confirmation and if you don’t, there may have been something wrong with your submission. Please email us at with any questions or concerns.

Important!: All invoices are sent to the email provided on your application by the below email accepted date for the month you have selected. If you do not receive an email by this time, please contact us immediately to so that we can get you the proper information before the payment deadlines in order to avoid any fees.

Booth Fees:

Food Trucks: $400

Dessert Only Vendors: $300 (must provide full menu for approval)

Food Tents: $300

*Pricing may change based on additional requirements

NOTE: If any vendor fees are not received by the deadline for the month listed below, a late fee of $50.00 will be added to your invoice. If no spots are available, you will be added to the waitlist. No exceptions.

First Friday
June 1
July 6
August 3
September 7
October 5
November 2

Applications Available Online:







Application Deadline:

May 16 (midnight)

June 20 (midnight)

July 18(midnight)

August 22 (midnight)

September 19 (midnight)

October 17 (midnight)

Email Acceptance:

May 18(midnight)

June 22 (midnight)

July 20 (midnight)

August 24 (midnight)

September 21 (midnight)

October 19 (midnight)

Fees Due to FF:

May 25 (5pm)

June 29 (5pm)

July 27(5pm)

August 31 (5pm)

September 28 (5pm)

October 26 (5pm)

Please be aware of the following items before you return this application:

  1. Vendor must submit a completed application to be considered. If approved, you will be emailed an invoice with directions for payment. Please be aware that your space is NOT guaranteed until all signed documents are received AND payment has been made. There are NO exceptions to this requirement as space is limited. Until documents & payment are received space may be assigned to another food truck vendor.
  2. You are permitted any number of staff per vendor fee. Parking is not designated or provided. Vendors may park wherever is legal and they feel comfortable.
  3. Please see above for vending fees.
  4. COI, Certificate of Insurance. All vendors must provide First Friday with a general liability insurance certificate with minimum coverage of 1,000,00. First Friday should be listed as added insured – First Friday Foundation and their respective directors, shareholders, members, employees, agents and affiliates.
  5. You may bring your own generator. First Friday Foundation will provide power for up to a 50 amp outlet. All power requirements must be listed here and approved prior to the event. Every 20 amp plug must have its own neutral to avoid power outages. First Friday Foundation will not be responsible for any power outages due to shared neutrals. 50 amp and 20 amp heads are the only accepted plugs, 30 amp plugs will not be accepted. If your power needs exceed what is provided in this application you will be charged an extra $50 per 20 amp outlet and $100 per 50 amp outlet.
  6. ONLY TWO homemade or crafted beverages may be sold for a minimum or $3.00 in a maximum cup size of 20 oz. WATER SALES ARE PROHIBITED. ALL CANNED OR BOTTLED BEVERAGES SUCH AS SODA, GATORADE, RED BULL etc. ARE ALSO PROHIBITED.
  7. Each vendor will receive and retain 100% of all revenue they generate. Each vendor is required to honor up to 5 of the free entrée tickets provided to volunteers and First Friday Staff. You will be notified on the night of the event as to the color of the food ticket for that evening.
  8. Once vendor application has been accepted the organizer will provide a load in schedule and vendor  Vendors are required to load in at their scheduled time based on location. All extra vehicles must be off the footprint between 3:30pm and 4pm. The event begins at 5pm and all vendors should be in place ready to serve at that time. The event ends at 11pm. Please discontinue service at 11pm.
  10. The Event coordinator for the First Friday Foundation Las Vegas, its employees, agents and/or representatives will not be held responsible for any vendor’s activity as it relates to the event. Vendor must comply with rules and regulations as outlined upon entry. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from premises and forfeiture of all vending fees and costs paid to date.
  11. All vendors as asked to maintain cleanliness within and around their vending space throughout First Friday’s hours of operation.
  12. Any illegal or offensive activity in your vending area will result in immediate expulsion from the event, as well as a forfeiture of all vending fees and costs paid to date.
  13. Styrofoam is not permitted. Please make sure you have other containers available to use for this event.

No refunds. There are no refunds for inclement weather or for non-compliance with event rules.


Any vendors that do not comply with these rules will be asked to leave the event and may not be allowed to participate in future events.


The applicant’s (future exhibitor) digital signature will hereby release and hold harmless The First Friday Foundation, Art Event Manager, Art Jury, their employees, agents and/or representatives, Izaac Zevalking, Nancy Higgins, all sponsoring organizations, beneficiaries, and all employees, volunteers, or associates of the above from any and all responsibility, personal liability, claims, including but not limited to damage or loss or destruction of applicants’ property, theft, personal injury, public enemy, acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances beyond its control, and to indemnify them for any damage arising from applicants’ or associates’ or guests’ participation in any of the First Friday events.


The applicant (future exhibitor) further agrees to abide by all guidelines set forth by First Friday, written and oral, and understands that failure to do so could result in expulsion from the show. All decisions are final. First Friday’s representatives reserve the right to make final interpretation of all rules, as well as the right to disqualify any exhibitor for any reason.


During certain months First Friday Foundation may run additional marketing and promotions with current sponsors of the event utilizing their resources to capture a larger demographic. This action is to stimulate more commerce, encouraging visitors to purchase art and become new collectors and attendees of the event. Exhibitors wishing to participate in the event on these months, will be asked to honor special offers during these particular promotions. These promotions will not exceed a 10% discount of the artists asking price. We greatly appreciate the support of our sponsors, which allow us the ability to keep the exhibitor fees affordable and the event free to the community. Exhibitors will be notified prior to the event when First Friday runs any special promotions.

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Accepted file types (.jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf)
Files cannot exceed a total of 16MB
Files must all be in lowercase

By checking the box provided, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and fully accept the terms and conditions set forth herein. You acknowledge and agree to follow the procedures and guidelines. Failure to do so may result in removal from the event and exclusion from future events.